Pregnancy Tips

The Symptoms in Week 5 Pregnancy

Pregnancy may be something that very waited for some women. But sometimes, the busy woman is not aware that they are pregnant. So it is important to know the pregnancy signs so you can get ready when your baby born.

The pregnancy phase is grouped in three groups. The group called as trimester. It is divided to first, second, and third trimester. The first trimester is about at week 5 pregnancy. Here you can read some symptoms about the first trimester.

The Symptoms

One, your period is stop. This is normal for woman who gets pregnancy. For woman who the period is not good—maybe not routine, they may not aware about this sign. So it is better to you to always check when your period starts and ends so you can know if something happen.

Two, maybe you will feel your mood is swinging. This is a kind of PMS. This is normal as long as you still want to do anything. Three, you will feel want to pee often. Four, you will feel your belly like mixed and you will feel dizzy. Maybe this can make you want to vomit. This is normal and this is called as morning sickness as long as you don’t feel it often in a day.

Five, you will feel your br3ast uncomforted. They may grow because of ready to give the baby milk. But the growing is not too fast because you are still in first trimester. Your belly will also start to grow a little. But don’t worry. It is not grow fast.  If you are in the last trimester, your br3ast will become bigger and your belly will look huge.

Six is maybe you feel like you don’t have appetite and maybe you reject certain food that can make you feel queasy. In the other side, maybe you ask your couple to get you some foods or any things. This is called as food cravings. Maybe you will ask of any strange foods that you don’t want to eat or any things that you dislike. Yeah, it is strange. But, in some countries’ legend, if a wife asks the husband to looking for things, it is actually the baby is asking, not the mother. The husband must ready to facing this so the pregnancy can well.

The Note for You

Remember, the first trimester is the risk phase. In this phase, the baby will look as an orange point. It is risk phase because the heart’s of the baby starts to grow and you must be careful during this week 5 pregnancy. Always eat healthy food and never let your stamina drop. And, the family must cooperate at this phase. Not only for you are mother, the father—your couple, must role too. The mother must keep their stamina so they may not feel too tired. Your couple must remember this in order to not asking you any heavy job. The last is just enjoying it. Hope your pregnancy time success.