Should Pregnant Women Use Essential Oils
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Should Pregnant Women Use Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the extracts of herbal plants that have many health and beauty benefits. Do many women wonder if pregnant women should use essential oils? How to use essential oils for pregnant women? Join us for the answer through the article below!

Should pregnant women use essential oils?

During the first 3 months of pregnancy

For the first 3 months of pregnancy is the most important time of pregnancy, so for all products from eating to traveling must be careful. Therefore, according to international experts, it is recommended that women who are pregnant during the first 3 months can use essential oils in small amounts.

Only 1 drop should be used at a time.

If used for massage, it is advisable to dilute 1 drop of diluted essential oil with a base oil (olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable oils).

Should consult a physician before use.

During the last 6 months of pregnancyShould Pregnant Women Use Essential Oils

In the following months, the fetus is stable in the womb. Mothers can rest assured to use some essential oils good for pregnant women. For example, you can use lavender essential oil, ylang-ylang oil to reduce discomfort, help relax the body, reduce anxiety, and sleep better. Or grapefruit peel oil, orange, lemon to reduce nausea …

Some notes when using essential oils for pregnant women

Use 1 drop per time for pregnant women under 3 months.

One type of essential oil should be used for about 2–3 weeks.

Choose where to buy quality pure essential oils.

Do not drink, put it on your eyes, and apply essential oils on open wounds during pregnancy.

Dilute 1 drop of essential oil with 30 drops (5ml) of base oil, Put in a bath to soak to help beautify skin, soften and reduce stretch marks.

It is recommended that you steam the essential oil for about 15–20 minutes a day, bringing a relaxing feeling to sleep.

If you use any type of essential oil in the first 3 months, you should consult your doctor.

How to use essential oils for pregnant women

Essential oils should be used for pregnant women

All essential oils have good uses for health and beauty. But depending on the use of each essential oil that people use that people often use for the most appropriate object.

Lavender essential oil: helps you mentally comfortable, relaxed, anti-dry, effective stretch.

Melaleuca essential oil: Melaleuca essential oil is effective against mosquitoes, colds, warm the body .. good for babies and pregnant women.

Lemongrass essential oil: Helps repel mosquitoes, reduce nausea, eliminate bad smell effectively.

Essential oils should not be used by pregnant women

Nutmeg essential oil: Causes hallucinogenic, anesthesia effects, and possible reaction to painkillers during labor.

Rosemary Rosemary oil: Rosemary essential oil is a very good essential oil to improve memory. Rosemary Essential oil also increases blood pressure and uterine contractions.

Juniper Berry essential oil: Stimulates uterine contractions.

Sage essential oil: Has a naturally stimulating effect on the uterus, so doctors recommend not to use it in the early and middle stages of pregnancy.

Thyme essential oil: may cause sensitization and increased uterine contractility.

Clove essential oil: Clove essential oil has not been studied in any way, but it may cause mild clotting, which can be dangerous for the birth process.

Basil oil, cumin oil: has a high content of estragole, increases uterine contractions causing bleeding.

Some ways to use essential oils safe for pregnant women

We know that essential oils are good for health, but when pregnant for your safety, you should follow the principles of safe use of essential oils for pregnant women. As you know, essential oils are real concentrated oils, they are very strong so it is necessary to use small amounts and be sure to buy the right quality natural essential oils from reputable sellers.

If you want to use essential oils for pregnant women – pregnant women, it is best to take the following measures.

Choose some essential oils safe for pregnant women (you can refer to the list in section D).

Quality assurance of pure, natural essential oils purchased from reputable suppliers

Do not take any essential oils during pregnancy and lactation.

Use only 1 drop of essential oil at a time and have been diluted with 1% base oil on the skin.

Dilute essential oils and with at least 1 teaspoon (5ml) of carrier oil before adding to bath or skin softener.

If you want to use essential oils in the first 3 months, ask your doctor.

Using essential oils helps reduce common pregnancy symptoms

Nausea/vomiting: the fresh fragrance of Grapefruit peel oil, sweet orange essential oil, fresh lemon essential oil, etc. Help reduce nausea effectively. You can diffuse or use a personal inhaler.

Insomnia: Drip 1 drop of Lavender oil / ylang ylang essential oil into background oil (coconut oil, grape seed oil, etc.) to massage or diffuse 30 minutes before sleeping.

Cold, stuffy nose: add 1 drop of tangerine essential oil mixed with a vegetable base oil to massage. Or diffuse to reduce nasal congestion, combat colds, ..

Anxiety / Stress / Fear: Diffuse a few drops of lavender essential oil / Roman chamomile oil/grapefruit peel oil to relax, relieve fatigue, and lift a positive mood.