Is giving birth water better How to answer this question
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Is giving birth water better? How to answer this question

What do you think about this question: “is giving birth in water better”? Every woman in this world wants to have kids. It is one of the prides if a woman can give birth by her. But the problem is “giving birth is not always something that women can do”. One of the reasons is “giving birth” is too painful. But there are many women did it proudly without any complaining. Nowadays, there are many ways to give birth. One of them is giving birth in the water. Giving birth in the water can reduce the pain and also can make the mother more relax. It’s the reason why most women prefer to choose this method rather than regular method.

Having birth in water is now dramatically popular and becomes a common method. With some logical reasons too it seems, because most women think that in water the illness can be highly relaxing and help them to diminish the pains caused by that process. Giving birth in the water can be done on hospital or home. It depends on the condition of the patient. Giving birth at home for example, can be done in a pool of water. Giving birth in a water pool is much better for both baby and mother than the traditional one. Some researchers have been proved it.

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Giving birth in water is better because woman who soaks in the water will feel relax. It’s different with traditional method. Woman lay on the hospital’s bed, she will experience ad feeling. It was researched by the doctors of the University of Southampton. Are you still confusing with the answer “is giving birth in water better”?

Is giving birth in water better? You can make decision by reading this whole article. If you decide to have a home birth, so it’s depend on you to buy or hire the pool you own or not. You might choose the small one or big one. You and your husband can decide to choose between inflatable pool, heated pool, rigid pools or some pools that have variety of sizes and shapes. You and your husband can also buy a ‘a box of birth pool’.

Here are some advices for you to consider the answer “is giving in water better”:

When you decide to give birth in water, always remember to drink plenty of water, juice or other fluids while you are in the pool, because you will be Keep the temperature of the water at or below 37ºC at all times. If your illness is progressing slowly in the water, you might try to move into different positions or getting out and walking around for a while so it will help the process faster. Squatting, kneeling on all fours or going up and down stairs can help move the baby coming out faster. Every woman doesn’t want to take a long time when giving birth. Their condition might be weak after take a long time giving birth. So, if the giving birth process finishes earlier, the mother will remain fit.

I think the right answer for that question:  is giving birth in water better is “it is”. As explained above, there are many advantages that can be gotten beside for reducing the pain. Kids are our future wealth that is given by God, so we have to celebrate their coming in this world. Is it better for giving birth in water? The answer is yes. Giving birth in water is very comfortable and easy to be done than giving birth in common. “Is giving birth in water better” can be answered “yes it is” or “no it’s not”. That answer is always based on the situation of each person.

How to get the maximum result of giving birth in water? You should try to relax, take a deep breath and keep pushing the baby until it came out. It can be said as “the spirit of a mother”. Is giving birth in the water better? I should say yes, because I had seen my aunt did it. Giving birth in water can make the process faster and reduce the pain. The baby came out safely. Is giving birth in the water would be better? Yeah, I believe it.