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Giving Birth in Water with Dolphins, Dare Enough?

Have you ever heard giving birth in water with dolphins? Water birth might be familiar to us. How about water birth with some dolphins? Giving birth in water with dolphins is a new method of giving birth in the water. Based on the name, this kind of birth method involves some dolphins during labor. Before going further about dolphin water birth, it is better to recall the water birth itself. In recent years, giving birth in the water becomes very popular because it is known that such kind of birth method gives less pain for the mother. Some scientists said that water around the mother will reduce the pain during the giving birth process. During the water birth, woman submerged herself in an adjusted warm water, which is about 35-37◦C. The temperature of water is adjusted so that the mother will feel comfortable enough for the labor process. Another reason to adjust the water about 35-37◦C is because this temperature is suitable for the baby. A doctor, a practitioner, or a midwife will assist the mother during the labor. But, how about giving birth with dolphins in water?

Giving birth in water with dolphins is actually a very ancient method that is popular in Hawaii. Hawaiian natives used to conduct this birth method. Now, it spreads widely, and becomes more popular. Therefore, there are some parents who travel to Hawaii to have birth giving in water with dolphins. Birth giving with some dolphins around can also be called as “dolphin-assisted birth” method. It means that dolphins swim around a mother who wants to give birth. Dolphins, is known as a clever animal. Dolphins are also used for therapy, such as autism therapy and physical disabilities. In this kind of therapy, dolphins and the patients swim and play together. The trainer gives some tasks to them, and they have to complete the task. Such kind of therapy helps the patients to have good coordination of some parts of their body. Some experts said that dolphins have a kind of sound wave that affect to the patients. Same to this therapy, giving birth in water with dolphins requires mothers to be in the same pool as the dolphins. While mother on their labor, the dolphins swim around her. Even though there is no patent research noticed that water birth giving with dolphins is effective, some parents remain doing this kind of birth method.

Giving birth in water with dolphins brings its own pros and cons. For instance, having a water birth without dolphins have some advantages. They are less pain for the mother, improving the blood circulation of the mother, and bring benefits for the baby. Meanwhile, giving birth with some dolphins is believed to make mother becomes more relaxed. The sound wave produced by the dolphins is able to affect the psychology of the mother. Moreover, the existence of dolphins in birth process can be very attractive. It becomes a rare experience. It is very suitable if parents want to have a priceless moment in giving birth.

In the other hand, giving birth in water with dolphins brings some disadvantages.  Some scientists stated that dolphins in water giving birth can be very dangerous. Dolphins are predators and they can be very aggressive even though they seem so nice and tame. With the dolphins around laboring mother, it brings more risk for the mother. Even though there is less report of harming dolphins, they suggest that it is better to have a water birth without dolphins. Water birth without dolphins gives sufficient benefits for mother, since the existence of dolphins does not give a very significant effect of birth giving.Giving birth in water with dolphins, however, gives a new sensation for the mother. During less pain labor process, with dolphins swimming around is an extraordinary experience for some mothers. How many mothers giving birth with dolphins? It can be an unforgettable moment for the birth process. Apart from the risk, water birth with some dolphins is a breakthrough for those who love challenge and brand new experience. What an amazing if parents see their newborn baby swim together with dolphins, a moment that can’t be experienced by other parents. Do you have a plan to give birth with dolphins?