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Eco-Friendly Baby Toys

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…/ toddler. For example, instead of buying plastic toys, you can buy baby / toddler toys made ​​of wood. Quite a lot of choice of toys made ​​of wood. You can see some of the ideas of eco – friendly toys as reported from www.lilsugar.com. You may want to read this also 10 Ways to Make Baby Laugh Kitchen set toy made ​​of pine wood and linseed oil as a backing; roller wooden push toys for babies who are just learning paths can be driven baby…
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Of course, as the parents who are expecting your first baby, it is totally an awesome and fantastic moment for you. Your little angel is going to come to the world and you need to take care of the baby since the pregnancy until when the baby has been born. Well, it is the time for you to snap out of the joyful moment and come to the reality. Face it, to deal with your pregnancy and to take care of your baby later on will surely cost a lot of mon…
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Contact us

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If you using YahooMail, or Gmail etc, please send directly to cell421388@yahoo.com Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Subject Your Message…
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Dental Care Tips during Pregnancy

Pregnancy hormones affect the condition of your teeth and mouth pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women should perform extra care so that healthy teeth and mouth awake. That way, the health of pregnant women and fetal growth is not compromised. To maintain the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus, oral health must also be maintained. First because oral health is essential to be nutrient absorption and nutrient pregnant woman can take pla…
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Pregnancy induced hypertension

ther and the baby.  What is Pregnancy Induced Hypertension? Amongst the many unexpected conditions that happen during a pregnancy, pregnancy induced hypertension which is usually also called preeclampsia or toxemia, is one of common pregnancy complications. Preeclampsia occurs in one among 14 pregnant women in which this fact makes preeclampsia become a common pregnancy complication. Preeclampsia usually happens in a pregnant woman after 20 weeks…
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Vitamin D

reserved blood samples from pregnant women and tested for its vitamin D amount. From the result, we can find that pregnant women with low vitamin D levels give birth to baby with lighter average weight, which is 46 grams when compared to the average weight of a normal baby. This condition happens on first 26 weeks during their pregnancy. Babies will face high risk and dangerous health problem that can lead to death when they were born with low we…
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Pregnant women in different countries

ins the same, providing the best for the fetus and the mother. China When women know they got pregnant, women in China will turn off the cell phone; will not use it until the baby is born. In China, it is believed microwaves, computers and mobile phones can have a negative impact to the fetus. Anti- radiation vests are quite popular in China as a protective fetal state. Japan Majority, Japanese women give birth with no pain medication, although d…
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