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What Is Old Horse Sickness
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Pregnancy quiz

It is the happiest day when you know you are pregnant and to know more about your pregnancy, you may answer the pregnancy quiz below. This article focuses on one of pregnancy problems known as morning sickness. Most of pregnant women don’t really notice the symptoms of morning sickness. Just answer the questions below to know the symptoms. 1.     How is your morning during your pregnancy period? I enjoyed my morning and feel happy to do anything…
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Mother with Pregnancy Week 8

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because of the hormonal change in their body including the growth of the uterus. Mother should understand this condition more and more importantly to deal with the biggest problem in the first trimester of pregnancy, morning sickness. Change of Mother From the outside, maybe people will not see kind of big difference in the physical appearance of pregnant mother who reached the week eight of pregnancy but actually the pregnant mother of course w…
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igger. Despite the fact that pregnancy after forty is risky, there is still a hope that they can go through it safely; as long as they have excellent health history. Studies carried out in several countries show that 40 years old pregnant women with bad health and diseases are found more risky to give birth and have a good pregnancy. Pregnancy after 40 Facts •    In fact, the opportunity to be pregnant for those over 40 years-women always decreas…
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Gwen Stefani pregnant pic

The rumor about Gwen Stefani pregnant was true, some trusted sources have confirmed that this 43-year-old singer is pregnant.  It seems to be good news for Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani, they will have a third child. According to the source, both Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are very happy with this news. These celebrities got married in 2002 and are already parents to Zuma, 5 and Kingston, 7. They are quite surprised with this news, some s…
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Kylie Jenner might just be a 15 year old girl but we think that she has started to embraces one aspect of something that she might go through in the future, yes pregnancy. Surely it maybe just a maternity pillow but of course it is quite important for it is Kim Kardashian maternity pillow of all maternity pillows so we hope you were not that shocked when Jenner made a gossip headline because she “stole” Kim’s maternity pillow. Well, everything K…
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The Pregnancy Facts that Happen During the Trimesters of the Pregnancy Pregnancy is the moment that most women would really care about because in this moment, the women are not only living her own life but also other life inside her, and such pregnancy leaves Pregnancy facts that women should recognize about. What are the facts? The first fact is the feeling of morning sickness. This morning sickness is something really common to happen to women…
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ion as the place to implant the embryo which will grow into a baby later. In this process, you will encounter stomach cramps and mild bleeding. This happens because of the implantation of the fetus. After 7 weeks, usually the sickness will disappear. If these symptoms remain, you have to contact the doctor immediately to anticipate miscarriage. Breast Changing A healthy pregnancy is also determined by the changing of your breasts. Your breasts wi…
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