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What Is A Woman Period In Hindi
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, the chance of you getting pregnant due to the missed period can be deleted. The Causes of Missed Period There are several causes that mostly affect a woman not getting her period. The most common one is because the woman is in distress. This uneasy feeling will cause a delay in the woman’s ovulation and thus the woman will not get the period. Another reason could be the result of excessive exercising. This also may lead to late ovulation….
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ovulation calendar 3 months

Your menstrual period could help out in making kids faster than before if you have the base calculation for ovulation calendar 3 months. Do you know that your ovulation period is already determined? This means there is certain period when your ovum is in its most fertile condition that increases the chance of a successful copulation. Are you currently in the middle of your effort in having a baby? Then if you already understand your body better,…
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Reasons for missed period are considered to be important for those who really care about it the most. Well, you need to know how exactly women may become more and more considerate about the signs of pregnancy. If what we discuss here is about missed period, there are indeed many reasons before it. The most common reason is indeed because women gain pregnancy indeed. Yet, you may notice that there are many other reasons why women may obtain misse…
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Missing periods may become may become the concern to discuss in this article nowadays. Woman’s missed period or menstruation is a problem for men sometimes. It is because missed period may significantly the main sign of pregnancy. Well, missed period is caused by several factors and this incident is a natural thing. Some women may experience anxiety or panic if they suffer from delayed period. It is important for a woman to know cause and…
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Missed period on birth control is actually a very normal thing to happen. At times, it is done intentionally. The reason is because some women might not want to experience┬ásevere PMS or in an important event. Yet, it may also happen accidentally and without any intention before. This of course may concern some women who do not want to get pregnant yet they miss their period. That’s why if you experience the same thing, keep reading and thi…
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me reasons behind that. The first one is probably because you are pregnant. It may happen if you performed coitus at least two weeks before your period and you use no protection at that time. The second reason is you might be in a stressful condition. This mental condition may cause our body to stop ovulating and that’s why we don’t get our period. The third one is it may be the result of a certain medication you take. This is especia…
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Missed period but negative pregnancy test perhaps becomes so much troublesome to understand for some women. Those who do not get a missed period do not mean always that they are in the pregnant condition. The main reason is because it could be due to certain conditions within the body. Many people believe that the early sign of pregnancy is a missed period. Yet, you need to recognize that missed period not necessarily identical to the symptoms o…
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