Stomach Cramps- One of the Pregnancy Symptoms

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Stomach cramps in the early stages of pregnancy are quite common. Even though early pregnancy symptoms stomach cramps are generally nothing to bother of, it is better you mention it to your practitioner or midwife.

Is it normal to get stomach cramps in the early stage of pregnancy?

Mostly, mild pregnancy symptoms stomach cramps are a regular part in the early stages of pregnancy. These stomach cramps are mostly related to the changes that your body witnesses as it gets ready to carry your child.

  • Few of the women get stomach cramps with very little amount of bleeding as the embryo is implanting itself into the walls of the uterus. This occurs at almost the usual time when your periods normally begin.
  • You would also experience stomach cramps as your uterus begins in changing its shape and gets ready by growing to fit your baby inside.
  • Few pregnant women also experience stomach cramps during an orgasm when doing sex; however there is nothing to worry or stop involving in sex until you are advised by the doctor to stop.
  • When women are 3 months pregnant, many women begin to experience strong stomach cramps on either sides of the groin whenever they try standing up, stretching or twisting. This is because the ligaments which are supporting the uterus stretch as the womb grows.

Pregnancy stomach cramps Stomach Cramps  One of the Pregnancy Symptoms

Why do stomach cramps occur during pregnancy?

There are a numerous reasons as to why you experience the cramping at various pregnancy stages.  Some among the causes for pregnancy symptoms stomach cramps include:

  • Implantation – A lot of women feel cramps that are similar to the menstrual cramps in the initial weeks of pregnancy and you may experience this when an implantation would have taken place.
  • Stretching of ligaments – It happens mostly in the second trimester, when the ligaments as well as muscles that support the growing womb stretch.
  • Braxton Hicks – This is also known as False Labor and is caused by muscles that are in the womb preparing itself for labor as it stretch as well as release quite often at erratic intervals.
  • Gas – Even if you suffer from gas, there are good chances of you experiencing some stomach cramps.
  • Constipation – you may experience stomach cramps even if you are constipated

What do pregnancy symptoms stomach cramps feel as?

The pregnancy symptoms stomach cramps may often be the same as numerous other variety of pains as well as cramps that you usually get. Plenty of women experience heartburn and menstrual pain in initial pregnancy stages, however in majority cases these pregnancy symptoms comes in the form of stomach cramps or tummy pain.

How to calm pregnancy symptoms stomach cramps?

The following options can be tried to get relief from pregnancy symptoms stomach cramps:

  • Take the Acetaminophen that your doctor has prescribed
  • Take a warm water bath
  • Involve in small exercises such as walking
  • Get relief by gently pressing hot water bag on your stomach
  • Get a massage on your lower back
  • Quickly change your position

In your last week of pregnancy, pregnancy symptoms stomach cramps are considered to be early symptoms of labor. You must immediately consult your doctor.

Stomach Cramps- One of the Pregnancy Symptoms
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