Signs of Being Pregnant 1 Month

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Pregnancy -Here are signs of being pregnant 1 month. Symptoms will begin to emerge since the first month into pregnancy. These signs are often so vivid, and you will realize them quickly. Some women are not that sensitive, while others don’t experience any of those symptoms. During the first month, you will probably notice spotting once in a while. It happens because a fetus attaches to the uterus. Mood swings are also likely to appear even though you don’t realize it early. You become quickly irritated by anything or anyone. It is a natural reaction and most women feel the same thing. Another sign is severe cramping and extreme exhaustion. A pregnancy is controlled by several hormones. Progesterone and hCG are 2 of them. These hormones not only bring good news about the pregnancy, but they also trigger all early symptoms, such as frequent urination, nausea, food cravings, tiredness, headaches, tender breasts, etc. With so many symptoms you may experience, a missed period is probably the most accurate in confirming pregnancy. Whether you feel any symptoms or not, the fetus is probably only two weeks old when you realize a missed period.

Signs of Being Pregnant 1 Month Signs of Being Pregnant 1 Month

We tell you once again, there is no guarantee that you will experience all these symptoms. It’s okay to only feel some of them or none at all. Since each pregnancy is unique, you will feel different signs in different pregnancies. Back to implantation bleeding, it generally occurs 8 days after conception. Compared to a regular cycle, it is much lighter and shorter. The blood is also not very dark red, but light and somewhat pinkish. Boob abnormalities will also be noticeable. If this is your first pregnancy, seeing your boobs tender and swollen is a bit weird. Symptoms of being 2 months pregnant are not much different except more signs will appear. Swollen breasts still happen 2 months into pregnancy. Your nipples will change to a darker color. It is a natural reaction to prepare you breastfeeding your baby. Please do not take medications while being pregnant because they can cause complications.

Symptoms of being 1 week pregnant

Morning sickness is another problem in the first month. Feeling nauseated is so unpleasant. Those who must not feel this symptom are very lucky. To alleviate this unpleasant feeling, you can nibble crackers or other meals. Fatigue and back pain are also associated with pregnancy. Fatigue can strike even 1 week after conception. Taking a rest is the best thing you can do. Taking a warm bath and do relaxation also help a lot. Headaches are another issue often complained by pregnant women. The main cause is the imbalance of pregnancy hormones. Food cravings are closely related to a nutrient deficiency. Aspirin may relieve headache quickly, but not when you are pregnant. Headache will go away by itself. All you need is having a warm bath and a rest. Frequent urination is also a terrible experience since you have to go to the toilet day and night. It happens because the uterus is pressing the bladder as it grows. This doesn’t mean you must stop drinking fluids. You need to stay hydrated to keep the baby healthy. Hopefully, you have understood all these signs of being pregnant 1 month.

Signs of Being Pregnant 1 Month
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