Signs and Symptoms of Being Pregnant with Twins

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Twin pregnancy is quite common these days. Along with the development of technology, it’s much easier to detect this kind of pregnancy. Here are a few signs and symptoms of being pregnant with twins. First, you may experience excessive cramping. Some women suffer from round ligament pain and it can be a hint of a twin pregnancy. The uterus expands according to the number of babies produced after conception. If a woman produces twins, then her uterus has to grow a lot larger to accommodate them. It results in severe cramps. Research shows that this pregnancy can also be recognized by the increased heart rate. Women who are pregnant with twins usually have an elevated heart rate. This condition can be constant, even when you’re not doing strenuous activities. You can visit a doctor to examine your heart rate if you are sure that you’ll have twins. The underlying cause of this condition is, when there are two babies in the womb, more blood must be pumped by the heart to support them.

Signs and Symptoms of Being Pregnant with Twins Signs and Symptoms of Being Pregnant with Twins

Signs of twin pregnancy

Morning sickness is a common symptom in most pregnancies. However, it will be more apparent if you are conceiving two babies. If you have been pregnant before, and this time you feel morning sickness more intense than before, then it is likely that you have a twin pregnancy. Keep in mind severe nausea can occur in any pregnancy, even with only one baby. Another obvious sign is an increase in hCG Levels. At your first prenatal appointment, the doctor will have your blood tested to find out if there is a surge of hCG levels. If so, the doctor also needs to know how high it is. hCG is one of several hormones produced during pregnancy.

You may also have to deal with advanced symptoms. As the body undergoes several changes, you will experience symptoms that don’t occur under normal conditions. Pregnancy causes body and hormonal changes and they happen to every woman. If a few symptoms suddenly attack you one after another, then they can tell you one thing, which is a twin pregnancy. Another positive sign is fetal movement. Those who are being pregnant with twins often realize that fetal movement happens earlier. Not only twins, but excessive fetal movement can also show that there are multiple babies in the womb. You may feel some feet kick from different directions once in a while. If this is the case, express your suspicion to the doctor as soon as possible.

Use your intuition!

Women have a stronger intuition than men. Even before you confirm your pregnancy through tests, you can intuitively feel that you are conceiving. Don’t underestimate the inkling you have. Perhaps, one night you had a dream of holding two babies or you had inexplicable gut feeling that you want to hold twins. They may not be just your random thoughts. It’s better for you to take a test soon to disclose the truth. Finally, the most accurate way to recognize a twin pregnancy is by having an ultrasound. If you have such a strong instinct, you can have an early ultrasound. Just tell it to your doctor, and he will probably schedule an early peek.

Signs and Symptoms of Being Pregnant with Twins
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