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10 Ways to Make Baby Laugh

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making your baby laughing

Pregnancy – If baby stressed, baby are not like adults who can manage their emotions. Baby needs an adult to it. With a laugh, a sense of stress in baby is reduced and when the baby laughs it same as the baby doing sport. 10 of this method can help the mother and father made ​​the baby laugh happily.10 ways to make babies laugh: Peek… ba! Put the baby on the bed, or if it is able to sit, with whom baby played on the carpeted floor. P…
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Eco-Friendly Baby Toys

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The whole world is rife with Earth Day campaign. Various ways campaigned to keep the earth a better ecosystem, such as the 4R program: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Replace. One that you can do to keep the earth’s ecosystem is to buy a toy for a baby – your toddler with environmentally friendly materials. Most babies – toddler toys made ​​of plastic which is not biodegradable and difficult to unravel. There is no harm if you star…
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er. When you have such dream while you are pregnant, you must worry if the dream was a sign of something bad will happen to your baby. You may feel so worry, unsecure, panic, and you couldn’t live like a normal pregnant woman, especially if you have more than one weird dream. Should you worry about it? Are Weird and Extreme Pregnancy Dreams Dangerous? Many dreams are visualization of your subconscious mind or something you feel inside but y…
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Pregnancy Journal

only hormone inside the pregnant women that give her sudden emotional attack, their vicinity society (culture and tradition) is also having a significant role in this condition. For example, if your vicinity say that pregnant woman should take rest more hour as they’re going to feel a bad moment in their life span as pregnancy make you get severe heartburn, morning sickness, and many other scary things; unconsciously, you will accept that paradig…
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Pregnancy is a challenging time for every woman in the world, no matter in what stage are you week 3 pregnancy, week 6 pregnancy or the last trimester when you are ready to welcome your baby. We can say that the hardest time among pregnancy time is the first semester the body is still trying to adapt in sheltering the new baby inside the woman’s womb. If you are a new pregnant woman who still gets confused about this term, you can read the infor…
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Caffeine and Pregnancy – relation that gives negative effects?

Imagine yourself for being a caffeine addicts. Imagine yourself as a woman who addicted to caffeine. Should you stopped drinking caffeine during pregnancy? Same question have been asked by millions of women, and thus it’s a bit complicated subject. Caffeine and pregnancy, however, is intertwined. Some will suggest you to avoid caffeine while other doesn’t appear with the same suggestion. Dealing with that problem, sure we need to ask: which sugg…
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…s very popular because it is known that such kind of birth method gives less pain for the mother. Some scientists said that water around the mother will reduce the pain during the giving birth process. During the water birth, woman submerged herself in an adjusted warm water, which is about 35-37◦C. The temperature of water is adjusted so that the mother will feel comfortable enough for the labor process. Another reason to adjust the water about…
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