Physical Examination Of Pregnant Mother complete information

Physical Examination Of Pregnant Mother
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Abdominal examination in pregnancy

Among the things that become the biggest concern for most students enrolling in medical majors is the fact that they eventually have to practice examining the abdomen of a pregnant woman. Such a fear and worry are expected because they have never performed such a palpation before and their little knowledge about the procedure doesn’t help at all. That said, if you have prepared yourself before by researching every step you have to carry out duri…
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Special examination for pregnant women is a continuation of public examinations, especially if found signs of abnormalities in the process of fetal development. Special examination is a screening test to obtain certainty on suspicion of fetal developmental abnormalities, based on previous examinations. Special examinations types: Down syndrome: Special inspections aimed to know any pregnancy disorder in romosom 21 (cause of mental retardation or…
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Examining Urine Protein Pregnant Mother

sia, severe pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. This examination is performed during the first visit and further, throughout every visit during the end of the 2nd until the 3rd trimester of the pregnancy. The Examination of Urine in Pregnant Women When using Sulfosalicylic Acid 20% use 2 tubes – Each of these tubes will be filled with urine in the amount of 2cc. – In tube 1 enter 8 drops of Sulfosalicylic Acid 20%, whisk the tubes slowly and wait briefl…
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Things People Should Know About Cholestasis of Pregnancy

Having a healthy pregnancy surely becomes the expectation of all pregnant women because a healthy pregnancy will enable women to deliver healthy baby without promoting health risks to both the mother and the baby. Unfortunately, there are some unexpected conditions that can suddenly occur and can give harmful effects to the mother and the baby. Amongst the many unexpected conditions, cholestasis of pregnancy which is also known as obstetric chol…
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Various symptoms caused by pregnancy, often makes women feel uncomfortable. Starting from morning sickness until exhaustion that comes from changes in the mother physical body, to reduce discomfort in early pregnancy, you can do sports or physical exercise. Actually there are many things you can do to reduce the symptoms of this uncomfortable. However, the following will explain how to cope with the way of the sport. Below is a sport or physical
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Fetal doppler (Pregnancy Pregnant)

it is usually caused by some minor things that can actually be overcome by maintaining the quality of the pregnancy. Later, you will understand some of the measures to support the baby’s health. Fetal doppler (Pregnancy Pregnant) Fetal doppler (Pregnancy Pregnant) Fetal doppler (Pregnancy Pregnant) Fetal doppler (Pregnancy Pregnant) The most unique thing is when you can get a tool at an affordable price. It is not a secret when most people…
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Mother with Pregnancy Week 8

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Pregnancy week 8 maybe will not bring great change for the mother from the outside but the baby actually already grow with 0.63 inches length from the crow to the rump and it is not bigger than boysenberry actually. The body of the baby is not proportional yet at this stage but it is sure will grow better in the next weeks. Nevertheless, mother will feel great difference since there is some suffering which should be faced because of the hormonal…
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