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The Reason and Importance of the Glucose Test Pregnancy

ght be some people who are asking about this condition because they have no idea about the importance behind the test to determine glucose during pregnancy. When will the Glucose Test Needs to Be Done? (Glucose Test Pregnancy pic) Most of healthcare practitioners will recommend the glucose test of also refer as GCT between 24 weeks and 28 weeks of pregnancy in order to check on the level of glucose. Just like the other tests, the glucose test is…
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(Hypertension in pregnancy Pic)

90 mmHg – 140 mmHg systolic pressure). Hypertension in pregnancy happens when a lot of pregnant women over the age of 40 years or under 20 years old, first pregnancy and pregnancy with twins. (Hypertension in pregnancy Pic) Causes of Hypertension; Cause of hypertension is twofold: Essential hypertension / primer Cause of hypertension is not due to interference with the heart / kidney, but because of other factors, such as smoking, unhealth…
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What Will Happen When Shingles and Pregnancy Meet Each Other

up anytime it wants but will be especially alarming when it attacks during pregnancy. Shingles and pregnancy may clash into each other but the good news is the clash between them doesn’t happen often. (Shingles and Pregnancy pic) Diagnosing Shingles through Symptoms The virus that caused chickenpox will usually stay inside of the body and may be reactivated under the particular conditions such as illnesses, severe stress, drugs and many others….
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Is It Normal to Have Pregnancy Headaches?

t this condition may get worse or get better or even not changing at all. Fortunately most women will be able to get better along as their pregnancy gets older. A Closer Look to Headaches during Pregnancy (Pregnancy headaches pic) Regarding headaches occur during a pregnancy and why do the headaches can be severe and not changing for some people and getting better to some people, up until now, the experts themselves find difficulties in understan…
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nough calcium, your baby will take it from your bones and it means that you will lose calcium that will endanger your health. You also need to watch what you eat so that you and your baby will both healthy. (Week 13 pregnancy pic) The baby is growing quickly on week 13 pregnancy After you know about your body change, you also need to know about the growth of your baby when you are in week 13 of pregnancy. The largest part of your baby in your bel…
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Pregnancy Hormones and the Changed Brought Along

…ilty for the changes happen inside of the body in good ways as well as in bad ways. No matter what it is, hormones are important for a lot of people and hormones will also contribute benefits for the body. (Pregnancy hormones pic) Knowing More about the Hormones of Pregnancy The hormone of pregnancy or often refer as the human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG is known as the hormone that will be produced only during pregnancy. The hormone is made by…
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Some Information When You Get Pregnancy Discharge

…is normal. But you have to contact the doctor if there is yellow or green tinted in vaginal and the smell is strong. It can be a sign that there is infection in it. Diagnosing Brown Discharge in Pregnancy (Pregnancy discharge pic) The implantation bleeding can cause brown discharge in early pregnancy. It can happen because there is light bleeding when the fertilized egg is trying to implants it in the uterine wall. Human papillomavirus (HPV) can…
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