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Kerry Washington Baby Born
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Cute baby A woman who has been pregnant for nine months often feels as if she cannot wait to see her baby born. This is particularly true of women who have become pregnant for the first time. There are many important tasks that need to be taken care of before the arrival of the new baby. The new mother will require a great supply of baby clothes and items that are made just for newborns during their first few weeks when they are so tiny and vuln…
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but also for the babies. The method of water birth can decrease the risk of head injury for the baby. The other advantage, baby’s blood circulation will get better, so that the body will be quickly flushed after the baby was born. The process of the method of water birth is not too different with the normal bearing method. The difference is only the place of processing. Water birth is done in the big enough pool. It is about two meters which mad…
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When “appear “in the world, her form was so “weird. “Top of her head throbbing, mustache, fatty skin to large breasts, this is what actually happened. 1. Pulsatile fontanel. Parts of the skull have not fused and re- hardens completely. Various parts of a newborn baby’s skull bones have not fused and hardened circuitry perfect. Along with the more perfect union of the bones of the skull, approximately 2 years after, her head was throbbing w…
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Stages of labor

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The childbirth process is the most awaited by pregnant women, fun time and also thrilling. Childbirth was fun because the little one during the nine months of hiding in the belly will be born into the world. On the other hand, labor is also thrilling, especially for new mothers, probably what comes to mind is a painful labor, exhausting struggle and considerable energy. Highly recommended for expectant mothers to know the process and stages of l…
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The Truth about Full Term Pregnancy

baby. For your information, full term is when you are delivering your baby after 39 weeks up to 41 weeks of pregnancy. On the other hand, it is also possible for you to deliver your baby in term pregnancy in which the baby is born earlier than the weeks of pregnancy above. So, what is the impact if your baby born in full term and in term period of pregnancy. Based on the research, a baby who born in full term will be healthier than the baby who b…
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in the lungs of the baby in the womb. There’s even the possibility of having a premature baby that will make the baby had to struggle in order to survive. At this possible complication of twin pregnancy the baby will be born with a low weight, have difficulty in breathing systems, have difficulty in the digestive system and also the development of underdeveloped organs. Case of premature birth is very rare, the baby was born prematurely and…
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Pregnant Horoscope

ally. If you make a measurement on the time of your pregnancy, you can check the pregnancy horoscope and some reading on the unborn baby could be done. For example, you can read on the personality of the baby. Babies that are born at the same range of time (under the same stars) are usually have the same type of personality. When you can check the personality of your future boy or girl, you will be able to deal with it better and shape your baby
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