Is Gas a Symptom of Pregnancy Before a Missed Period?

September 6th, 2013 | Posted by Marcella in Pregnancy Health

Is gas a symptom of pregnancy? Yes, it is. A missed period can be a sign that you’re conceiving. However, before you even realize it, there are some symptoms that you may experience. Some women experience all these symptoms, while others don’t. Gas is one of the most notable symptoms as the frequency and amount will increase during your pregnancy. Progesterone is the hormone which is responsible for this bad experience. Additionally, wrong diet and lack of exercise can also make things worse.

Gas pregnancy before missed period symptoms Is Gas a Symptom of Pregnancy Before a Missed Period?

Pregnancy symptoms

Fatigue is a symptom that you might feel before a missed period. The majority of women said that they felt fatigue and it usually would not stop during the first 3 month of pregnancy. This issue is also mainly caused by increased levels of progesterone in the body. When the body produces a large amount of progesterone, you will become easily tired and sleepy. The fetus needs nutrients and blood to keep alive. This makes the heart work harder than before since the blood is an important component to deliver nutrients to the fetus. Fatigue not only occurs due to the excessive work of progesterone, but can also be triggered by low blood sugar. In this condition, eating more food and rest will be very helpful.

Another symptom you might experience before a missed period is nausea. Even before you know that you are pregnant, this symptom comes along to tell you something. Women generally feel this during the early stage of their pregnancy. Many women complain that nausea occurs in the morning, though some women feel it at irregular times. Again, this sign also comes up when the level of progesterone is getting higher. With the increase of HCG and progesterone, muscles in the body will relax, slowing down the digestive system. Following this phenomenon, some women also find that they become really sensitive to odors, even when they are not too bad or don’t trigger the same reaction before. Gas during pregnancy often can’t be avoided. It is also usually accompanied by the feeling of bloating. If you suffer from this problem, keep moving because it can relieve this problem a bit. You should also eat smaller meals rather than eating big ones. Furthermore, you also need to get rid of bad habits for temporary, like drinking carbonated beverages, drinking through straws, and wearing loose clothing.

Early pregnancy signs

We all know that women are way more emotional than men. This becomes more apparent when they are pregnant. Many pregnant women complain that they have such an intense dream about babies, pregnancy, or things like that. This experience can be continued until the pregnancy ends. No one is really sure about the underlying cause of this phenomenon, but some people believe that it’s something to do with the increase of a particular hormone. Have you had cramps recently? If you noticed something wrong with the cramps, there’s a great chance that you was pregnant. Some women start feeling it since the implantation stage. There are so many changes that occur during pregnancy, both physically and emotionally. Back pain is common, and it happens due to the stretching of ligaments. As your tummy gets bigger, this issue will be more intense day after day.

Is Gas a Symptom of Pregnancy Before a Missed Period?
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