Important Signs of a Woman Being Pregnant

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If you want to know the signs of a woman being pregnant, you can read the following explanation. Many women feel uncertain whether they are pregnant or not before taking a test. However, a test sometimes can be inaccurate because every woman has different physical conditions. Long before you need to take a test, there are some symptoms that usually appear. Those signs are common among women. Since many complain about the same symptoms, they are accurate enough to recognize a pregnancy.

Regular pregnancy symptoms

Sighted signs of a woman being pregnant Important Signs of a Woman Being PregnantA missed period is a sign that a woman is pregnant. If you are ever caught spotting or implantation bleeding, that could be a positive sign. Please be careful since many women mistake it with a regular period. There are some significant differences between both conditions. Implantation bleeding is generally milder and only lasts for a few days. You can also see the difference in color, with it’s usually marked with a pink or brown color. Breast tenderness is a phase that women would naturally experience before they become mothers. During the early stage of pregnancy, you may notice that your breasts become more tender and swollen than before. That is the way they react to a new fetus in the womb. A newborn baby needs to drink breast milk. This is actually the underlying cause of the symptom. Milk production will increase as the baby is born. Not only changes in terms of texture, but those nipples may change color to darker.

Have you ever felt frequent urination? Although it can be associated with other diseases, it can also be a clear sign of pregnancy. As the baby grows, so does the uterus. This is the result of a swelling uterus. Your body will start to process more fluid. Some women say that this problem subsides after the first trimester. In addition, they also say that it increases again in late pregnancy. Fatigue and tiredness also strike pregnant women. Pregnancy causes so many changes in our bodies. It is the main cause of tiredness. You may just want to relax and lay on the bed. Do not fight all these feelings. Just rest the body whenever your mind asks you to do so.

Nausea and cravings during pregnancy

Nausea is also a common sign of pregnancy even though not all women experience this sensation. People call it morning sickness because the symptom often strikes in the morning. It can last throughout the entire pregnancy or just in the first few months depending on your body condition. You may also feel an increase of in appetite or craving certain foods. During pregnancy, a mother will usually eat more because she has to feed the baby inside. In order that the baby grows healthy, he / she will need adequate nutrients and vitamins. Cravings are the body’s natural signal that tells you to eat for you and your baby. Today this issue can be resolved by taking prenatal vitamins. Women are also more likely to be moody when they are pregnant. You may easily be irritated by anything that happens around you though in normal conditions it will not annoy you easily. This symptom is a combination of various factors, such as hormonal changes and exhaustion.

Important Signs of a Woman Being Pregnant
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