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Importance Of Pregnancy
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The Reason and Importance of the Glucose Test Pregnancy

Pregnant women will always need to stay healthy and avoid any disturbance in health. However, due various reasons, there are pregnant women who are in risks of the particular diseases or conditions such as the women who are in risks of high sugar condition. Glucose test pregnancy will be needed in order to see the level of glucose inside of body and eventually avoid gestational diabetes. Certainly there might be some people who are asking about…
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The Importance of Pregnancy Wheel

Pregnancy wheel is a small calendar use to calculate your period or menstrual times to help you determining the due date. This stuff is very easy and you can use it by yourself at home. This simple calendar formed like a round calendar with lots of numbers and dates. This pregnancy methods calculation is only one of many methods that used to make calculation of pregnancy. This calendar can help you determine the expected date of delivery as cert…
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Good food during your pregnancy phase and having enough of food is indeed important for the growth and development of your baby. You have to consume almost 300 calories more every day in comparison to what you used to have before your pregnancy. Even though vomiting and nausea are common, it makes the initial few months of pregnancy quite difficult. Try eating a well balanced Diet during your early pregnancy and taking vitamins of prenatal. Here…
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Being pregnant is a special experience for every woman; it is the moment when a fetus or baby is living and developing inside the woman’s uterus. Any woman who is being pregnant should make the pregnancy checklist that consists of several things like the things prepared to welcome the baby; the required nutrition for the baby and other important things related to the pregnancy. The checklist can be very important in order to have the best prepar…
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First 8 weeks pregnancy

The best time to start thinking about good nutrition actually is before planning a pregnancy. Because much important organ development in the fetus occurs in early pregnancy, even before a woman may realize she was pregnant. What happen in 8 weeks of pregnancy In the first eight weeks of pregnancy, embryo growth will occur very quickly. In that period is also called the period of development plasticity (developmental plasticity). At this time th…
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ooking for trendy maternity clothes, make sure that they are not too tight and not to loose on your body. Try to check the cloth if it is flexible or not. It is also advisable to take light colors and avoid dark colors during pregnancy. Your body temperature is higher than normal so it will be a bit hot to wear dark clothes. You can also select clothes with prints if you want, but do not choose blouse or any sexy outfits. Try to use dresses if po…
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Vitamin D

risk of having a baby with low weight. Vitamin D for pregnant women information Alison Gernand, researcher from Pitt Public Health’s Department of Epidemiology says “A mother with a good vitamin D levels in early pregnancy (first trimester) will give big effect on baby growth in the next trimester. When pregnant mother suffers vitamin D deficiency the baby will have high risk to get problem in their growth inside the womb, especially…
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