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Pregnant Women often Angry

, “If you buried the emotion/problem yourself you will stress and our babies may be affected. What’s the matter, darling? “ Sensitive to her feelings, your empathy is a form sensitive to the feelings of your wife. Do not joke or make fun of her. For example, says she fat. When she expressed feeling silly though, carefully commented. For example, when she felt uncomfortable after check in, do not even let slip, “Ring up at…
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(Hypertension in pregnancy Pic)

High blood pressure or hypertension in pregnant women, it can be very dangerous for the mother and pregnancy. High blood pressure or hypertension occurs when blood is pumped by the heart to increase the pressure. It can cause pressure and damage the arterial walls of blood vessels. A person is said to have hypertension if their blood pressure is above 140/90 mmHg (diastolic pressure of 90 mmHg – 140 mmHg systolic pressure). Hypertension in…
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getting pregnant faster

s time you both feel comfortable with the position of intercourse -that’s merely, try a new position. Or find another location for sex, in the bathroom for example. True escape. Avoid wrong runaway: not getting pregnant wife, the husband was busy clubbing, drinking habit that actually degrading the quality of the sperm. Made yourself busy with shopping, soluble tiring work and busy culinary tour with indiscriminate eating. Find a positive b…
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icles about pregnancy that you can read. You can also read Pregnancy Books. For husband, this is good news because they can learn about pregnancy just by reading books. So they can know how to act if something happen with the wife. And for the wife, they can learn about pregnancy so they can prepare if they are get pregnant in the future. Nowadays there are many pregnancy books that very popular. Most of them are written based on true story so it…
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Having Fun Predicting Baby’s Gender with Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

ion. Date is not of any matter. It is the month that holds important information. Okay, now that you have the time (month), one should have been able to remember also at what age the woman has her conception. Say, you—or your wife—find out that the pregnancy occurred initially by the time you—or your wife—is 28. And the conception was happened at December. All you need to do is find out the number 28 to the left of the calendar, move your eyes to…
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Why Do People Do Water Births?

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m by warm water. That conduct impulse of nerve sense of pain, it makes bearing not too weight. At bearing in the water, the husband also has a very important role in the smooth running of bearing. He can do the massage on his wife’s back which aims to provide a sense of relaxation and comfort to the mother during bearing process in the pool. Bearing with the method of water birth is about one or two hours after opening the 6th in which a regular…
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Possible Pregnancy Problem Due to Same Blood Group that Reveal People’s Concern

ompatible, and yet such condition doesn’t occur many times and are considered rare. This is why this should not something that is necessary to be afraid too much. However, you should notice that there is a situation where the wife goes along with Rh negative while the husband is with Rh positive, in which the baby carries Rh positive. At the same time there is combination of FOETAL blood along with maternal blood. This situation can trigger absor…
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