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Dont Get Mom Pregnant Son
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that happen to the inside of your body. Mom’s Glowing in her Week 16 Pregnancy For the mom, you might feel that your face is getting to be brighter than the previous weeks or even if you compared to the time when you were not pregnant. Well, don’t think that there is no reason behind it. Your face looks brighter because your body produces more blood for about 50%. It affects the blood circulation and this result a brighter look on your face. Whil…
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Entertain Yourself by Pregnancy Games

s other games, the pregnancy game is also dedicated to place the mom-to-be to a fun activity during pregnancy. The game is normally simple and easy to play. This is because the game is designed for entertaining not making the pregnant women more tired and stressful. The games can also be played not only by pregnant women. All women all over the world can also play this kind of game. Even men can also play this game. Any gender with any ages are w…
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Week 13 pregnancy and body changes Well, week 13 pregnancy becomes really exciting for women. Actually not only about week 13, but sure every week and some of the specific weeks can be really exciting to notice what will happen to you and your baby. Week 13 will not be too significant by the change of your body as pregnant women but you do can see the baby bump and you get the pregnant look as your belly will be bigger and round. Some changes su…
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Nowadays pregnancy has taken a very different turn in terms of dressing as a lot of women love to flaunt their style in Funny maternity shirts and jeans. In the past, it was considered that fashion and style were not meant for women who were pregnant. Maternity wears were too big as well as baggy and many did not like the blooming body of expectant women. The prime reason is that in pregnancy, the figure of a woman becomes a lot voluptuous as we…
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Gwen Stefani pregnant pic

child two years ago. They had tried many ways but it seemed that they didn’t get the result. Although this singer is pregnant, on Saturday in LA, Gwen Stefani was seen making a solo arrival at Joel Madden and Nichole Richie’s son birthday party.  As expected from this beautiful rocker, she looked great with a black and white houndstooth print jumpsuit. While the rumor has been spreading around, this singer has not confirmed about this rumor. She…
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…closer anymore but guess what, we are wrong as they have a really tight bond with each other. Thanks to Kim’s baby that is on the way though which makes the youngest sibling of the Kardashians who is rumored to be dating the son of actor Will Smith, Jaden Smith, is closer to her big sister. After the cute photo of Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian maternity pillow was taken, paparazzi also happened to snap several shots of Jenner while she was lea…
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Pregnancy Body Pillow

Pregnancy body pillow – Being pregnant is a huge blessing for women especially for those who really want to have a child. A pregnant woman really knows that a miracle is happening inside their body and now she lives not only for herself but also for the baby inside her womb. However, we all know that a pregnant woman is facing lots of challenges including aches and discomfort they could feel as they support the fetus that grows bigger. A p…
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