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Do You Feel Nauseous During Implantation
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The signs of early pregnancy

enced by all women during their pregnancy. The first thing you need to observe is your menstrual cycle. A woman who is 3 weeks pregnant usually has a good chance of having a late menstrual cycle. If you experience spotting or implantation bleeding, it could be a sign that you will soon be pregnant. Many women mistake it with a menstrual period. Just look carefully, it may feel a little different from your regular menstrual flow. Breast tenderness…
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y. Why You Get Period during Pregnancy There are many reasons why you have period, bleeding, or spotting during your pregnancy. The two common types of bleeding that you should not worry about it are breakthrough bleeding and implantation bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding is caused by menstrual hormones that breakthrough the hormone produce during pregnancy. Implantation bleeding is occurring during the implantation of fertilized egg into the linin…
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ectopic pregnancy

ia. Women often cannot detect the presence of Chlamydia infection because the symptoms are not visible. The second attack infection resulting in inflammation of the fallopian tubes and can increase the percentage of defective implantation. The disease is hard to detect and diagnosed, most patients are aware of developing PID occurs when an ectopic pregnancy is confirmed. Some examples of other infectious diseases are syphilis and gonorrhea. Syphi…
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The Importance of Pregnancy Wheel

ill point to the date where you can have the optional time of ovulation. It shows the date where you got pregnant for the first time. This process of pregnancy is usually about two or three days. If you want to know about the implantation, you can put the implantation part off the wheel into the inside part of the wheel. It will point out thru date where you get your egg fertilized and becoming implanted into your uterus. It means that your uteru…
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Mother with Pregnancy Week 8

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e are also some mothers who are lucky to feel food craving instead of food aversion which must be very hard for mother. The breast of pregnant mother starts to change with sore and tender feeling. Breast will continue growing during the pregnancy after all. The change of the breast is not only about the size but the nipples and areolas will change as well. Dealing with Morning Sickness Morning sickness must be the most difficult challenge which p…
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Positive pregnancy test

recognize whether a woman is pregnant or not. Traditionally, people can recognize the occurrence of a pregnancy through several symptoms, like the missed period, behavioral change of the woman, inconvenience feeling, feeling nauseous, and others. However, such indications do not always refer to pregnancy because some kinds of sickness also show such symptoms. The more accurate way to identify pregnancy is through positive pregnancy test with the…
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Week 11 Pregnancy

k, the baby is able to open and close the fist. At this week, the ear of the baby reached the final position. The head of the baby has the size which is only half of the total size but it is normal and it will catch up slowly during the pregnancy period. The baby will be quite active with acrobat movement in the uterus with the neck which is lengthened. The Mother Many mothers already feel better from the fatigue as well as morning sickness which…
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