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Biological Mother Pregnant Son Baby
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Skin changes while pregnant

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More skin changes while get pregnant can occur. You shouldn’t worry about it, it’s natural. A glowing skin During pregnancy, many pregnant women who have skin become more radiant. Without you even knowing it is a biological reason that caused it. During pregnancy, the blood circulation in pregnant women is higher than usual, so that the blood vessels under the skin can make your cheeks red like tomato. In addition, also due to hormonal changes t…
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Gwen Stefani pregnant pic

hird child but things didn’t work as expected. Some sources have reported about Gwen Stefani showed a slight tummy during her vacation on Aug, 16. Both Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani are going to expand their family once the baby is born. As you can see from this singer’s body, it is clear to say that this 43-year-old singer is pregnant. Gwen Stefani Pregnant : Gwen Stefani’s Body Changes Most people are quite surprised with the news, while ther…
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…ws so we hope you were not that shocked when Jenner made a gossip headline because she “stole” Kim’s maternity pillow. Well, everything Kim’s is now worth the headline right? However, of course Kim that is expecting her first baby with Kanye West will not take Jenner to the police. Well how bad of a sister she is if she do that to her own little sister? Calm down people, Kim was just joking. It started off when the big sister, Kim Kardashian twee…
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Mother with Pregnancy Week 8

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Pregnancy week 8 maybe will not bring great change for the mother from the outside but the baby actually already grow with 0.63 inches length from the crow to the rump and it is not bigger than boysenberry actually. The body of the baby is not proportional yet at this stage but it is sure will grow better in the next weeks. Nevertheless, mother will feel great difference since there is some suffering which should be faced because of the hormonal…
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Week 11 Pregnancy

Week 11 pregnancy and other weeks of pregnancy must be kind of magnificent experience for every mother and of course parent because this is the waiting time for the fetus growth until it can be born as baby which becomes their kid. There are couples who really want to have a baby but they have to wait for some time before they are able to conceive but there are also some people who do not have problem for getting pregnant. It must be great exper…
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Water birth becomes very popular to people because it have many benefits of having a baby in water. It happens not only in Europe or America, but also in the society in Canada. Processes and procedures for bearing/ birth in the water (it is usually called as water birth), actually is not too different from normal birth process in bed, at home or in the hospital. The only difference is in the birth place, namely in the pool of warm water. Usually…
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Pregnancy Week 10 Facts

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Every week of pregnancy development of course brings curiosity for every parent to be. Every pregnant mother for example will not be tired to follow the development of their baby in the uterus. In every week of pregnancy, there must be specific development of the baby. Pregnancy week 10 becomes very important moment for the baby growth because in this week, the baby already reached the fetal period. The Change in Baby and Mother It has the size…
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