Pregnancy spotting during the First Trimester

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Cause of First Trimester Spotting; During your pregnancy, you may often have a little pregnancy spotting once in a while. If this is your first pregnancy and you suddenly notice that in your underwear, you see a reddish speckle, you may be starting to panic. It is alright for you to be alarmed by the situation, however, you don’t need to panic. Spotting is similar to bleeding. During pregnancy, both spotting and bleeding can occur at some times during your 9 months of pregnancy. Spotting can have a variety of color, it can be pinkish, it can be reddish, and it can also be brownish. Even when it is rather faint, it is still considered as spotting.

Pregnancy Spotting Pregnancy spotting during the First Trimester

As scary as it may seem, you don’t need to panic. There are some explanations to what cause the problems, the first one is the Ectopic pregnancy, the second one is the miscarriage, next is the implantation bleeding and the last is the spotting after a sexual intercourse, etc. Ectopic pregnancy is actually the condition where the eggs which have been fertilize attaches in an area outside the uterus. If you have spotting that is accompanied by other symptoms such as abdominal pain and dizziness, then you need check your pregnancy to your doctor and make sure that you are not having the ectopic pregnancy. However, when you are experiencing sharp pain in your abdomen area and followed by bleeding, you need to seek an emergency medical care immediately. About twenty to thirty percent of pregnancies have to end because of the miscarriage. Spotting is the first symptoms of miscarriage. However, when you see your doctor for advice and follow his advice, you may be one of the fifty percent of women to have experienced spotting during pregnancy but are able to have healthy pregnancy. To know more about the causes of the spotting, you can learn from the information provided from so many websites.

What is the information to give your doctor? When you are experiencing spotting, you need to share the necessary information to your doctor or midwifes. These information include the age of your pregnancy, when the spotting start, did you have the spotting earlier in your pregnancy or even on the pregnancy before this, has the spotting stop, how much blood did you see because if you see a lot of blood, then it is not a spotting but a bleeding, what is the color of your blood, what is the odor of your blood, did you have cramps before or during the spotting, did you feel weak and always tired during the spotting, have you ever faint during the spotting or at least feeling a little dizzy, have you have any diarrhea or vomiting, do have a fever, did you have extra work prior to the spotting, did you fall before the bleeding starts, did you have sex beforehand, or maybe an extra stress to your work or daily live. These information will make sure that the doctors have proper diagnose and treatment to your first trimester spotting problem.

Pregnancy spotting during the First Trimester
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